Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Off Peak

"The MBTA will increase service on the Orange and Blue subway lines during off-peak hours and add extra trains when the Green and Red lines are too crowded. Additional commuter trains will be added during off-peak hours from the Route 128 Station in Westwood and the Anderson Regional Transportation Center in Woburn. In Quincy, more commuter ferries will be added for commuters during peak hours."

What is the rationale here? Why not extra trains on all 4 lines?
Considering that lack of communication at the T on a normal f-up, how are they going to know when to get more Red or Green trains out?
And why add extra service at NON peak hours when there are generally fewer people in the system, hence the term "Off-peak", when they are adding extra ferries?
Add the trains for the commute, you idiots!

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Chex said...

If you have been paying attention, the subway lines on the T, espically the Green line the most, and then the Red line, are completely maxed out during peak times. Grabaskus made the comment a while ago that the T does all it can to run trains during rish-hour, they cant get anymore capaticity than they have. The volume problems with the Red and Green line are well known. Single line track thru the entire system, and then the Green Line has antiquated safety buffers throughout the 'subway' section that should be fixed (pointless stops along the tunnels at various points that are there for historical reasons and should be removed) .

The single best thing that could happen to the T is the Green line 'under' is turned into blue-line subway. There was a post on the MBTA forum on about a year ago that described this. Single best thing that could happen to increase rush-hour capaticity to the T system.

-- Chex