Friday, November 17, 2006


these are snippets from the story of the Greenbush CR line, that goes down towards the cape, and finally being (re) built after many years.
this line was an active freight and commuter line until the mid-70's, when it was abandoned by the B&M railroad.
in that time many NIMBY's have bought in the area, and tried to sue the state from re-activating the line.

# T officials admit they "wasted" $300,000 for tunnels placed under the tracks to allow endangered spotted turtles to reach nearby pools. That species was taken off the endangered list midway through construction.

huh? the T wasted money?

# In Cohasset, the town asked that parking spaces at the station be made wider to accommodate larger sport utility vehicles.

come on! please make spots larger to accommodate my wasteful car that usually carries one person at a time?! also, the town of cohasset was the most vocal AGAINST even building the line. since that is the case, and these people clearly don't want to take the T anywhere, why should the T lot fit their cars?
fyi, parking space sizing is regulated by the state, even when on private property, and must all be a uniform size. nobody gets a break for larger cars, unless it's a handicap spot.

#T officials also said that they seriously considered a woman's request to have the T pay for Prozac for her dog, who she said would be traumatized by the train noise. The woman's claim was eventually denied.

the T was actually going to pay for it?! f-ing idiots, as is the woman, who thinks that dogs need mental medicines.