Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wanna Bet?

Last night I was walking to the Silver Line Way stop when I noticed that the bus-stop-type (see, it IS a bus, it doesn't even use a subway-type-sign) sign is missing a very important notation: SL1.
SL1 is the route name for the Silver Line (SL, get it? Clever, MBTA!) bus that goes from South Station to Logan and back again.
This particular stop is where the SL1(Logan), SL2(BMIP), and SL3(City Point) split off from one another.
You can also end up on the "watefront" bus, which doesn't get an SL designation. It makes a loop at this stop and goes back to South Station.
Anyway, so I see a T inspector (what, exactly, are they inspecting?) and I mentioned to him that the bus-stop-type-sign doesn't list SL1, just SL2 and SL3.
Now keep in mind, there IS a sandwich board there telling people that they can catch a Logan bound bus at the stop, but that is not the point of my story. Or maybe it is.

The exchange:

Me: Hi.
Him: Hi.
Me: Did you know that the bus stop sign doesn't say SL1? It only says SL2 and SL3.
Him: Yes it does.
Me: No, it doesn't. I just looked at it, and took a photo with my phone.
Him: It does say it.
Me: No, it doesn't.
Him: Wanna bet?
Me: Yes, I'd love to bet. Do you want to look at it now?

So we walk over to the stop where I point out the sign to him.

Me: See? SL2 BMIP, SL3 City Point.
Him: There is a sign right there.
Me: You mean the sandwich board?
Him: Yeah.
Me: I see that. What I said was...
Him: You said that there wasn't a sign.
Me: No, I...
Him: You said that there wasn't a sign, and there it is.
Him: Oh, you're just trying to make a point.

Uhhhhh. Yeah, you idiot.

This is similar to an exhange way back that I had about station maps on this line, and the line chief basically lied to me until I caught him out on it.

Is Matt Amorello secretly running the T?


Spotted last night in South Station on the Red Line platform, northbound:

Four workers watching a fifth worker mop a wet patch on the floor.

Oh, to be union.......