Monday, August 28, 2006

Please Don't Fix

What KILLS me is that they actually are asking the public about it, and then:

"the T will make the decision whether to go forward with the new changes"

Generally I feel the riders should be consulted, but come on. This is clearly a move in the right direction.
Other than the unbelievably ugly fabric on the seats, these are all no brainers.

Ummm. No, MBTA, please do not put accurate maps in the cars, I'd rather not know where I'm going. And make the seats easy to tear and graffitti on.
Oh, and I'm short, so make sure I can't hang on.


e to the L-O. said...

that's funny cause it's true.

the part about you being short, that is.

Mass Marrier said...

I didn't know this was in the works and walked into one of the test cars at 6 a.m. The fabric is scary ugly, like you'd imagine some low-budget, Third World airline might have.

Yet, I wonder: 1) can punks pull on it and separate the fabric from the seat, and 2) because it's dark, will this mean that those spilled coffees (and worse) that you avoid on the plastic seats will get you in the fabric version?

There's nothing that says mass transit like arriving at work with wet trousers.