Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just Walk It

At Wellington station there was a people mover to get travellers from the parking garage, which is quite far away, to the station.
For some bizarre reason, the T has decided to shut down the people mover, put in shuttle bus - the T loves buses! why don't we just rip up all the rails and use buses instead? As an aside, the T also proposed to use buses between Kendall and Park St. during the bridge work near Charles/MGH, AFTER the city offered to shift the tracks over so the train could continue. Idiots.
Anyway, so for now you can take a shuttle bus from the garage to the station, that is until the covered pedestrian bridge is constructed. Of course, they couldn't build it next to the people mover and let that run until it was finished.
It's well over a quarter mile from the garage to the station. If you're parked in the far left corner of the garage, good luck. You may as well drive the remaining 4 miles into Boston.
The only reason I can think of for replacing the people mover with a regular bridge is to satisfy the needs of the developers building in that area.
And the PEOPLE lose out to big business yet again.


Chex said...

Yeah, I know, the T and its adoration of buses is such a joke. I swear if the T could get rid of all the trains, and run buses only, they would. Just as most other bus-only systems are trying to install exclusive-way rail systems. This 100 year old system is done. Stick a fork in it, and start over. If only we could...

- Chex in the North End

Matt said...

The people mover is being taken out because it is unreliable