Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hells Bells

Really, now, how old are the Silver Line buses? 6 months? 8 months?
How does a brand new piece of equipment not work properly?
What I'm talking about, kids, is the damned bell on the bus.
First off, there shouldn't even BE a bell.
The SL is supposedly 'Bus Rapid Transit', or BRT, in T parlance. Wouldn't you think that means that it's supposed to work like the trains in the system, i.e., stop at all stops, regardless of the location?
More than once I've gotten on the SL going to South Station, and it's been packed.
No big deal, except that when that happens, they decide that there is no way anyone on the bus wants to get off BEFORE South Station.
How stupid is that?
So I wanted to get off at Courthouse, where I was meeting people, and the bus just sped through the station, no announcement that it was express, nothing.
As I saw that the bus was not slowing down, I repeatedly hit the "Stop" strip on the window frame next to me, but nothing happened.
Of course, that means I had to go to SS, up and around to get to the southbound side, and then wait for another bus, making me 20 minutes late.


Chex said...

Holy Crud thats phenomially stupid!!! I can sort of see it on the Wash Street line, but on the South Station one, which really pretends to be a train??

That sucks.. time to start yelling out from the back of the bus.. NEXT STOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!

Ghetto 80's MBTA remains, it seems.

Mark Richards said...

I thought I was alone. One small voice, pissing into the wind.

Then I was tipped off: "Have you read the Transport Avenger?"

Now I can say I have, and am truly impressed.

Know that yours is not the only URL the T hates to see.

All the best in BadTransit

Mark Richards

garyw said...

But having to stop is not convenient to the driver. So, put your foot down and keep going. Make no announcement! If people start to complain, just turn up the radio (tune to a different frequency if the traffic isn't enough to drown them out).

The bell is one more inconvenience in the driver's day, so they are trained to pull out the plug on it as soon they are hired.

Sorry, TA, you must have missed that memo... :-)

Truly sad. I feel for you. I know your pain. Dan the Man says write to him... though what good that would do escapes me at this point...