Monday, October 31, 2005

Just Cinch It

At Oak Grove station, there are two sets of platforms, one for the Orange Line, and the other that is used once in awhile if the commuter rail uses that stop.
The doors at the bottom of the escalators leading to the Orange Line are made of wood with some type of coating, and are always broken.
They're look like shite, are either totally unusable, or a door handle is broken. On a side note, how does a metal handle get broken? There's always a T inspector on the platform, who is apparently not doing too much inspecting if someone can have enough time to break metal with their bare hands.
The doors to the rarely used commuter rail platform are in perfect shape, and are made of stainless steel and glass.
So one day I'm coming down the stairs, and I see two T workers fixing the door yet again.
So I asked them, "Why don't you guys just switch the doors from the unused platform to this platform instead of duct taping these doors up all the time?"
The response:
"Uhhhh. They told us this was better."



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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that we're supposedly all "sheep". Yet the brains behind the maintenance are trumpeting about the benefits of "duct tape" rather than fixing the problem.

And have you noticed the perpetually broken "revolving" doors at the Clarendon end of Back Bay? They've seriously been out of commission for almost two months... so much for those renovations!