Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slow Train To Dawn

I know that the T is fixing the switches and signals on the Orange line, but COME ON!

It's been 4 years, and the damn thing still doesn't work right.

Thanks for making me 20 minutes late today.


Anonymous said...

One word: DEAL!

transport avenger said...

What an intelligent comment.
So, basically, I should just deal with a system that is so broken down that they can't even fix it properly, yet wants to charge more for service.
Why do people even leave anonymous comments anyway?
Perhaps you've missed the program initiated by the MBTA that refunds your fare if they cause you to be more than 30 minutes late?
Clearly, they are aware how bad they are at maintaining and running the system.

e.LO said...

oh man, TA, you really got shanked there.

how can they STILL be working on the signals? i don't mind spending an extra 30 mins of my saturday on a shuttle bus if they're fixing things over the weekend... but what's all that extra effort for if the orange line still isn't working during the week?

i'd guess that you didn't really have to remind anonymous of the fare refund, since he/she is most likely a excuseless mbta insider.

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