Friday, March 10, 2006

Orange Scorn

Mr. Mac feels slighted, and perhaps a bit scared....

I was leaning on the conductor’s booth door this morning when it opened up. The conductor, a middle-aged woman, apologized, as did I for leaning against the door. Then she went to the middle of the train to check something out, and when she came back to the booth she said to me “You shouldn’t lean against that door because I might have to open it again. In fact, I might open it up on purpose if you’re leaning against it”. How about that?

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e. Lo said...

one time the door was open and i was leaning against the wall and the conductor reached around and pushed me aside. on two occasions i was standing on the stairs and the conductors did the same thing to me. shouldn't they say, "excuse me, would you mind not standing there?" rather than reaching out and pushing passengers aside?