Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is stupid.
The T is just now coming up with a computerized system to track employee absences?
Some people that read this may think that my comment reeks of conservative republican politics, but 2 fingers to you, my friends, you can't pigeonhole me into one ideology.
The problem is the unions. You can do no work, and someone will try to defend you so you keep your job. Why are they even unions anymore? The company I work for doesn't have one, and I get 5 sick days per year, and 10 vacation days. If I use them up, that's my problem.
21 days absent? Unless you have a short term disability, then that is insane.
From today's Boston Globe:


Anonymous said...

The figures the T gave out about "days absent" was just that. It includes absent for: disability, maternity leave, family leave, workmans comp/injury bereavement leave, AND just plain old sick. Thats where that 21 days comes from. Except for the first 2 days Sick annually T employees do not get paid for being absent while sick unless they have a medical certificate. If one person is out sick with cancer for 100 days before he dies, it skews the averages. Theoreticlly, when you are on vacation that is being absent as well. Everything I have read about the MBTA in the newspapers has been distorted. Everything.

robot1022 said...

If you work in a bank or for an insurance company or some other office job and you have a broken leg or foot or hand or arm after a couple of days you can go back to work, At the T , they won't let you come back to work until you have completly recuperated (fit for duty). They may not let you come back to work for months. Unles you have the sicktime accumulated, your'e out without a paycheck. If you have high blood presure you may have to take medications that prevent you from driving a vehicle. The T won't let you come back to work until you're off that medication. If you don't have the sicktime you don't get paid. If you have have a stomach virus and maybe a little diarreaha and you work in an office that has a restroom ,you may may be able to go to work. If you drive a bus you better not. If you have the flu in general you could probably go to work @ most jobs and wing it but if you are driving a train or streetcar and you are resposible for all the people on your train and the pedestrians on the street, it really is not a smart idea to go to work. The screeching rails and banging of the iron wheels on the rail alone will give you a migraine after a few hours. Whenever I hear about a train crash anywhere in the world I always wonder if the train operator involved was coericed/pressured to go to work when they were really not fit for duty due to illness or sickness. What is it about people that they are so hateful that they can be so easily swayed by a stupid newspaper article. As far as I can tell the newspaper companies have more to say about how the T is run than the T employees (who have no say). When you have a newspaper company running a transportation company this is the quality of transportation that you get.

transport avenger said...

The report I rad was not from the paper, it was the T's report, which did not say it factored in things such as maternity leave, vacation, etc., and DID said say that many absences were "unexplained".
Even if it did, other than maternity leave, who gets so many days off that the average of all employees is 21 days each?
The other point of my post was that the T is just figuring out now how to track absences via computer.
It's 2006. You don'y need a huge influx of cash to install a database.

As for Robot1022's comments, if the T actually ran itself efficiently and had real customer relations, it wouldn't have to rely on the paper to report things.
The whole write to the top thing is a sham. If I can write to the top, then why don't Grabauskas or Pesaturo have their (or at least their assistant's) email addresses available? Writing to the Red line manager does nothing, as they have to clear everything with someone above them.