Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Fox In The Henhouse!

I'd like to say that I can't believe it, but, sadly enough, I can.
The MBTA had signed another 5 year contract with Kone.
Don't know who Kone is, you say?
Sure you do. Just look for the escalators and elevators that are out of order around the system, as there are many, and you'll see the yellow Kone barrier blocking them with a nice, handwritten sign with the dates for maintenance on it.
As of today, the T has 12 elevators or escalators out of service. Amazingly, the only lines without problems are the Silver line (which is good since the thing just opened) and the Green line (which is funny, since almost the entire line is at street level).
If you read my post on August 12 (
you'll notice my rage with T upon hiring Bechtel to fix Red line tunnels.
What is with these people?
Bechtel sucks. Kone sucks. The T hires them both. Ergo, the T must suck as well, but you all knew that anyway.

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garyw said...

Your logic is flawless. The T, however does not work by logic, nor is it flawless.

I'll guarantee someone's pockets got lined with that one. It's funny I saw a car with "Dan Grabauskas - State Treasurer" and I had to laugh out loud. Now he's untouchable and got a guaranteed Golden Parachute. What could be better? Oh yes, getting his pockets lined at taxpayer's expense.

The suck goes around and around...